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    SAVE SAVE SAVE with our Brush , Highlighter and Lash Bundle OFFERVisit bundle page to edit the bundle...
    Visit bundle page to edit the bundle...
    Visit bundle page to edit the bundle...
    £14.00 £29.00
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    Select any of our MUA Fave 35 Colour Palettes for just £42 ! Visit bundle page to edit the bundle...
    Choose any two of our super pigmented GLOWY AF Highlighters for just £16  Visit bundle page to edit the bundle...
    £16.00 £20.00
    Can’t decide which one of these bad boy palettes to buy .? then why not go for both in our bundle offer and SAVE some dollar !  X 1 Flamingo Beach Palette  ...
    £50.00 £62.00
    Visit bundle page to edit the bundle...
    Pressed Highlighter Bundle Let's face it, highlighter is one of THE most loved makeup products in a makeup artists makeup bag. We can totally see why! That’...
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    The only thing more fun than creating a new makeup look is buying the products you need to do it. Our MUA makeup bundles contain everything you need for months of creativity and experimentation, and full-face looks that are guaranteed to turn heads. 

    The items in our bundles were carefully selected to bring you great products at a great price. Best of all, you often have a choice of individual products which means that you have full creative control over what you’re ordering, and can pick what you know you’ll use. 

    Whether you’re looking to create a makeup artist starter kit or a complete professional makeup kit, we stock it all. Some of our most popular bundles include the brush highlighter and lash bundle, and the lash stash bundle. No matter what you’re looking for, or what your budget may be, we are confident that we have something for everyone. There is always room in your bag, drawer or beauty room for more Lick and Lash MUA makeup. 

    Buying makeup in bulk can both save you money and benefit the environment, as you’re cutting down on packaging and the number of deliveries. It is especially good for professional MUAs, as we know you can get through a lot of makeup each month. This is why we offer MUA wholesale discounts - have you seen our offers and promotions?

    At Lick and Lash, we want to build a community. Makeup is important to you, and you’re important to us. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends so that we can offer you the products that matter. Whether you want to create looks that are soft and blended or stand-out and pigmented, our MUA makeup bundles offer everything you need to show the beauty gurus exactly what they should be doing.


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