Which Eyebrow Shape Suits Your Face and How to Create the Look!

Which Eyebrow Shape Suits Your Face and How to Create the Look!

Need to shape or tame those arches or strengthen your brow game? Brows really are the base for a gorgeous makeup look, so it’s crucial to create the perfect brows which are suited to the shape of your face.

Gone are the days when thin eyebrows were the ‘ultimate’ look and we’d spend hours and hours overplucking our brows to achieve the latest look. Nowadays, fuller, fluffier and bushy brows are considered one of the biggest beauty trends. 

In this blog, we’re going to talk you through the six different face shapes and how to choose the best eyebrow shape to suit you. Once you’ve decided, we’re going to teach you exactly how to create the look so you can achieve fleeky and defined brows!

@bobbie.inman wearing shade Soft Brown

@bobbie.inman wearing shade Soft Brown

@emiltmorrisseymakeup Dark Brown Pomade

@emiltmorrisseymakeup Dark Brown Pomade 

@alishakatemakeup Taupe Brow Pomade

@alishakatemakeup Taupe Brow Pomade 

Analysing your face shape

The shape of your eyebrows need to suit the shape of your face, so it’s important to find a look that suits you. Your eyebrow shape really can change the way you look!

An easy life hack to create the perfect shaped brow is to define where the brow starts, where the arch appears and where the brow ends. To make this process easier, you’ll want to use a makeup brush (a pair of tweezers or any straight object will also work) to map out where the brow should be positioned. 

Eyebrow Map

Place your makeup brush to the side of the tip of your nose or just above your nostril. Hold the brush upright so it sits vertically. This is where your brow should start. Keep your brush in the same position at your nostril but rotate it so the brush strikes through the pupil of your eye. Your brow should begin to arch in the exact position that the brush meets the brow.

Finally to map the end (or tail) of your brow, rotate the brush to the outer corner of your eye, making sure that the opposite end of the brush is still positioned at your nostril. 

Diamond Face Shape

For a diamond face shape, you should curve your brow to soften your angled face. The temples tend to be the widest and most prominent part of a diamond face, so soft and curved brows will reduce the appearance of a wide face.

Heart Face Shape

With a petite jaw and round forehead, you’re going to want to keep the brows thick. The arch of your brow should sit low and then slightly curve around the temples of your forehead.

Oval Face Shape

An oval face if the most common face shape and is considered the easiest to work with as most brow styles will suit this face type. A simple soft angled brow will work wonders for oval faces.

Long Face Shape

Most people with a longer face shape will want to make their face appear shorter. You can extend the tail of your brows a little further with this face shape for a better balance.

You should aim for a flatter and more subtle eyebrow shape which will soften and make your face appear shorter.

Round Face Shape

Add definition to your facial structure by going for a more angular brow with a high arch. However be careful to avoid arching your brows too high as it can make your face appear much rounder.

Square Face Shape

A square face shape has a sharp, square jaw that adds high emphasis to the face. You’ll want to create soft and subtle rounded brows with a slight angle for balance.

Avoid arching your brows too high as these can look very dramatic for square face shapes!

@emilymorrisseymakeup wearing our Dark Brown Pomade

@emilymorrisseymakeup Dark Brown Pomade 

What Products Should I Use?

Want your eyebrows to be on fleek? There are a few options to choose from, including brow powders, pencils, gel, palettes and brow pomades. Brow pomades give you the most precise and defined brows as you can apply it using your own brow sculpting brush. Pomades are becoming increasingly popular as they are creamy and extremely easy to use. A great thing about brow pomade is that you can build up in areas where hair growth is sparse.

To start off with, you’re going to want a creamy brow pomade to sculpt and define.

Lick and Lash Brow Pomade

Our Brow Pomade is a creamy-based formula that glides effortlessly onto the brows. The pomade is buildable, so you can create precision brows with that added definition. The Brow Pomade gives you a long-lasting, smudge-free and waterproof carved brow. We recommend applying the brow pomade with a stiff angled brush.

For natural looking brows, you should choose a softer shade which is close to the colour of your natural brows. You can even go for a combination of two different shades of brow pomade for a more sculpted look.

Smooth over your brows with a spoolie brush afterwards for a softer look.

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