Makeup Mask Looks During COVID-19

Makeup Mask Looks During COVID-19

Just because you may have to cover half of your face whilst you’re out and about doesn't mean you can’t get your glam on whilst wearing a mask. 

At Lick and Lash Beauty, we’re passionate about providing high quality and affordable makeup, so everyone is able to express their best self. In the spirit of beauty, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to get the most out of your face mask makeup during COVID-19.

Prep Your Skin

This is arguably the most important step of your makeup mask process in avoiding rashes, irritation and acne. Make sure to use a lightweight moisturiser all over your face, allowing your skin to breathe and prevent any pores from becoming clogged. If you’re applying makeup that is going to be on your face for a matter of hours, we would also suggest applying a primer to prolong your makeup and help to avoid it from being rubbed off.

Brows On Fleek

First things first, start with your brows! A well-carved brow is truly a thing of beauty and really helps to shape your face and prep your eye for the masterpiece ahead. Our brow pomades are available in a variety of colours to suit the shade of your skin and add the much needed definition that every makeup look requires. 

It’s All About The Eyes

Whether your go-to look is applying half face makeup or beating your entire face, during this time, your eye makeup is going to be the most prevalent part of your makeup look. Your eyes are the first or only part of your face that most people are going to see, so it’s essential that they are accentuated to their fullest. 

With winter fast approaching and the nights drawing in, an autumnal look using warm and earthy browns, fiery reds, purples and sunset oranges will be sure to catch people’s eye and bring a little zest to any outfit! The Spice and Wildfire Palettes are the perfect option for this autumnal style and will compliment every eye colour. If you’re looking for a more understated everyday look, a gold or bronze shimmer with a simple lick of eyeliner is a fantastic go-to, bringing a subtle pop of colour whilst defining the shape of your eyes. 

Why not top off your look with a beautiful pair of fluttery fluffy lashes to add a bit of drama and elegance to the eye? 

If you're not a lashes person, then waterproof mascara is definitely a must. And lots of it! Let’s define those lashes!

Concealer And Foundation

If you’re out for the day and are unlikely to take off your mask, then we would recommend not wearing any foundation or concealer under your mask if you can avoid it. This will prevent your skin from becoming irritated and allow it to breathe under your tight mask. 

However, if you’re in it for the long run, or want to go out for shopping and drinks with the girls, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘how to make your foundation last under a mask?’

Well, the secret of how to keep your makeup on all day is to set your foundation using a translucent pressed or loose powder. To ensure your under eyes and t-zone, which are areas prone to shine, last the test of time, we would suggest setting your makeup with a beauty blender and loose powder. This is also known as baking, which we recommend doing for five minutes or so. Once set, the excess powder can then be removed with a gentle makeup brush.  

To add that extra layer of protection and really see your makeup through into the early hours of the morning, use a few spritz of setting spray to lock your look into place. This will help to prevent your mask from messing with your glam.

Highlight Up Your Life

Really elevate those cheekbones to another level with a stunning shimmery sweep of highlight. For a more dewy, glowing look, highlight away on your brow bone, cupids bow and the bridge of your nose. Why not play around with different colours, opting for a pink, blue or gold? If you’re out for the evening, pop a bit of sparkle onto your shoulders and collarbones to really shine through the night. For more highlight inspiration you can find out more in our highlighting guide

Matte Lips 

As the lipstick you’re going to be wearing is likely to transfer onto your mask, we’d avoid wearing bright, bold colours and stick to wearing a trusty nude matte liquid lipstick. This will also help accentuate your eye makeup once your mask is off, giving your eyes the true full attention they deserve.  

Invest In A Silk Mask

As masks go, the most gentle material for your skin and the most forgiving with your makeup is a silk mask. Silk is breathable and is less likely to trap moisture, meaning that your foundation and powder won’t be battling against soggy, wet material, prolonging your makeup durability. 

How Can Lick And Lash Beauty Help You?

If you’re experimenting with your makeup mask looks during COVID-19, we hope this guide has helped you to really make the most of your makeup and ensure it stays in-place underneath your mask!

If you’ve got any questions about our makeup products, feel free to get in touch with us! Our friendly makeup experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help find the perfect product for you. 

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Love and Best Wishes the Lick and Lash Beauty Team x