5 Areas To Apply Our Trustfund Highlighter That You Need To Know About

Let's be real, no makeup look is complete without that blinding sweep of highlighter! In 2018, there were well over 10,000 babes using all kinds of highlighter products and we can totally see why! Who wouldn’t want their face to be glowing like a goddess!?

We’re ALL about highlighters here at Lick and Lash, and we can’t see this makeup trend ever slowing down. This is why we’ve curated such a fantastic range of highlighter shades with all kinds of uses!

In particular, our Trust Fund highlighter is one that steals the show. This sumptuously golden shade is a go-to for the summer months, adding a golden shimmer to your face and decolletage that’ll channel your inner Beyonce.


What Does Highlighter Do?

Highlighter is used to highlight key areas of the face. It attracts the light and gives the illusion of brightness and height, giving a lifted appearance to the face. If you’re looking to accentuate your fave features, highlighter is the face makeup product you need.

It can also be used in more theatrical and media makeup looks to create certain themes and colours within a look. For example, if you’re a makeup student creating elaborate looks, chances are, you’ll be reaching for different colours and shades of highlighter to use on the face throughout your creation.


Where Should I Apply My Highlighter?

Curious as to how you can totally transform your makeup look this summer with our Trust Fund pressed highlighter? We’ve got you, girls! Here are 5 areas you can apply our Trust Find highlighter that’ll excite your summer makeup routine.


1. Cheekbones (duh!)

    This is, of course, a given. If you’re looking to achieve that “lifted-from-within” look that your favourite celebrities always seem to have, pop some of our Trust Fund highlighter across your cheekbones.

    Either apply lightly for a subtle, golden shimmer or, for the ultimate impact, spray your fan brush with some setting spray, dip into the product and then apply. This will intensify the pigment in the highlighter and give you are more blinding look (perfect for festivals!)


    2. Cupids Bow

      Feeling flirty? You can use highlighter to highlight the top of your cupid's bow to draw attention to your lips. Your cupid's bow is that cute, double curve that sits upon your top lip and is definitely a key feature on your face.

      Get a small amount of our Trust Fund highlighter, or any highlighter of your choice, and pop a little bit on your cupids bow to accentuate your lips. Combine this with some gorgeous, glossy or matte lip colour and voila, you’ll have plump and desirable lips!

       Careful with this one though, if you go in too heavy-handed and apply too much, you might end up with a really sparkly, shimmery moustache!


      3. Bridge of Your Nose

      Are you currently trying to master the art of contouring your facial features to further accentuate your gorgeous features? If so, applying highlighter to the bridge of your nose is a great trick to master and something you can add to your makeup routine to create some killer looks!

      Sweep some of the Trust Fund highlighter down the bridge of your nose and apply contour either sides to create the illusion of a thinner and more defined nose. Want to take it a step further? Apply some highlighter at the tip of your nose too. This will help create the illusion of a cute, button nose. So adorable!


      4. Inner Corners of Your Eye

      You’ve just created a bombshell, show-stopping eye makeup look using your favourite eyeshadow palette, but something is missing. It just doesn’t have the umph and the impact that you were hoping for...

      Well, you can actually use highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten your eye makeup look, as well as brightening those gorgeous eyes of yours! We love this trick and think it can make your eyes pop whilst taking your makeup look from glam to BAM!


      5. The Arch of Your Eyebrows

      Eyebrows have been, without a doubt, one of the biggest beauty trends to hit the makeup industry. With everyone obsessing over getting the perfect eyebrows, there's been some great tips and tricks that have emerged from this brow-frenzy!

      Highlighter can be used on the arch of your eyebrow to further define the shape, whilst also highlighting a key area of the face. Applying highlighter in this area can create a lifted effect, making you look wide-eyed, fresh and ultimately, glamorous.


      Here’s Some Extra Tips…

      Now you know where to apply highlighter on your face, we’re here to give you some extra little tips and tricks so you can make the most of your Trust Fund highlighter. For example, we think it’s best to start light then build up if you want to. Going in with your makeup brush absolutely loaded with highlighter can make your face look a little “cakey” and you could walk outside representing a disco ball. So, start off light and slowly build to the level of glam you desire.

      Also, make sure your foundation has set before you go applying your highlighter. If your foundation is still wet, you could end up dragging it across your face whilst trying to apply your highlighter, ruining that perfect blend you just worked so hard for. We know how exciting applying highlighter is (trust us) but just give your base makeup that extra time it needs to set.

      Last but not least, for those girls who need some extra impact, drama and glam in their lives, this is for you. If you really want to catch those rays and be a blinding, golden goddess, spray your makeup brush with setting spray before dipping into your chosen highlighter. This can amplify your glow whilst also minimising any “powdery” appearance.


      Find Your Perfect Highlighter Today

      Are you looking to add a new favourite, go-to highlighter to your makeup collection? If so, make sure to browse our wide range of highlighters! We, of course, recommend our Trust Fund highlighter for the summer season, but feel free to go wild and choose as many shades as your makeup-loving heart desires.

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